Alzheimer's Association® License Plates

Get Your Alzheimer’s Association License Plate Today!

Alzheimer's license plates

$23 of the annual $25 renewal fee comes back to the Alzheimer’s Association to provide care, support, educational and awareness programs.

License plates are now available at the Illinois Secretary of States Office. Click here to order yours today! Once on the site, scroll down to specialty plates, and you will follow the prompts to order the “Alzheimer’s Awareness” Plate.

Thank you for again for your continued support! Your passion and determination are what drive us to keep fighting every day for A World Without Alzheimer’s®!


You will not be charged for a new sticker. When you receive your new plate, you will also receive a replacement sticker with the same expiration month.
The Secretary of State will send you a letter, at which time you will choose the kind of plate you want. You can also elect to keep your current license plate number.
Please visit this spring to sign up directly through the Secretary of State’s office.