IWCA Spotlight: Jessica Wright

Women are at the epicenter of Alzheimer’s disease. Founded in 2017, Illinois Women Conquer ALZ seeks to engage and empower more women in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease by raising awareness and taking action through fundraising events, education and advocacy initiatives.

Register to join Illinois Women Conquer ALZ today!Any new member who signs up between now and May 11 is entered to win two tickets to the Power of Purple, a garden party luncheon on June 9. Visit for more information.

In this article, we feature Illinois Women Conquer ALZ member, Jessica Wright.

How did you initially hear about IWCA, and why did you decide to join? 

I was on the Illinois Alzheimer’s Association website, and I saw the initial kick off event to start the membership for IWCA. After attending the event, I eventually signed up to join the group. My biochemistry professor – Dr. Jin -inspired me to be more involved in this research. I would like to be involved scientifically, but being a part of this group enables me to help in another way, which is raising funds for research.

What has your membership been like thus far? What do you hope to accomplish as a member? 

I joined the Power of Purple committee immediately and the experience has been extremely beneficial. I love being able to gather and contribute auction items and donations to further our group along in this journey to find a cure. I hope to be a vocal advocate and to continue fundraising for more research in tackling Alzheimer’s disease.

Me, my mom and my grandmother.

Why do you think this group is important?

IWCA is an important group because even though we support other families that live with this disease, we also support each other through this fight. Alzheimer’s has taken so many of our loved ones, and we provide a united front in combating it head on.

In your opinion, why should other women join IWCA?

I believe that other women should join because we all know someone that has been diagnosed with this disease. It’s important we stand strong together in confronting it. IWCA welcomed me with open arms when I joined, and I think these women are quite inspirational. I am glad to be on this journey to finding a cure so that our future is brighter and stronger with age.

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  1. My mother has been living with this horrible disease. She was diagnosed at the age of 57 and has had for 11 years. My father is an angel he has been taking care of her and made us girls, daughters, promise we will always take care of her if something was to happen to him. No one in our family has had this so I have read books , watched videos, movies and still no closer to understanding. We bath her , feed her, potty her and just there for her. I hope someday there is something they can help this horrible disease, god bless everyone effected by this. Remember she is still who she or he was just needs us to be there for them.

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