Why I Walk… Renee’s Story

Back in 2011 my mom, Rose, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  She suffered what they called mini-strokes that attributed to the disease, and she had to retire from a job she loved after 16 years. Alzheimer’s – at first – slowly took things from my mom; confidence, driving, painting, writing and more. The one thing she never let the disease take was her smile and her loving personality. My wonderful father took care of her for over four years until we had to put her into assisted care.  

She soon would lose her ability to walk, talk and eat.  Even though she didn’t communicate at the last stages of the disease, she still had that sparkle in her eye. We knew she was still in there and would continue to smile and want to be held.  In August of 2018, this devastating disease took my mom from us and our world changed.  I walk for her, I walk for everyone who lives with this disease, I walk for the care providers and I walk to educate others.  The Walk to End Alzheimer’s is a way to show support for anyone impacted by Alzheimer’s and raise funding for additional advancements in finding a cure.  

Even if you haven’t been impacted by this disease, I encourage you to walk. Everyone should become educated because knowing how to talk with someone with Alzheimer’s is important and makes that person feel loved.   My team, “Rosie’s Riveters” will be walking in memory of my mom this year. Together, we will continue to share her story and educate others about Alzheimer’s.  

By: Renee Higgins

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  1. Thank you for sharing your touching story. And yes, I agree. Alzheimers can take and take, but it never got the essence of who my mother was, her heart. So many moments given, a gift from above, that let me know, my mother-my best friend-was ever present, despite the sometimes conflicting outward appearance. I miss her everyday, but knowing she is free from this awful disease, and -fully restored-fully herself- helps me in the toughest of moments. We walk in our hope of heaven and our White Flower. It is coming. I will keep my eye out for “Rosies Riveters’ this year, to say hello…..

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