Why I Walk…Margie’s Story

Margie OQuinn has been involved with the Chicago Walk to End Alzheimer’s for eight years. Both of her parents have lived with dementia, and she lost several friends to the disease. She participates in her local Walk event year after year in pursuit of a cure.

“My Mom is in her 12th year battling Alzheimer’s,” shares Margie. “My Dad had a form of dementia as well. It’s not easy to watch this disease slowly take away functions of the brain that allowed your loved one to live independently.”

According to Margie, supporting Walk to End Alzheimer’s “allows me to walk with others who believe as I do.” She notes that dementia affects many people, and that raising funds and awareness for Alzheimer’s disease enables research—to find a cure and slow disease progression.

“This disease affects us all in some way,” says Margie. Through fundraising initiatives like Walk to End Alzheimer’s, the Alzheimer’s Association is able to provide a 24/7 Helpline (800.272.2900) and offer continuous support to all who are affected by this disease.

Margie shares that it is an honor to care for both of her parents through their journeys with dementia. “You have to have patience in caring for your loved one,” she says. “They won’t be the person you knew, but they are still inside…Give them your love and time.”

Margie believes everyone can play a part in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. She hopes to deepen her involvement with the Alzheimer’s Association, and has a message for anyone considering joining the fight to end the disease: “Get involved, we all need you.”  

Find your local Walk to End Alzheimer’s to join Margie in the fight to #ENDALZ.

Contributor: Amanda Wisinger, Alzheimer’s Association Volunteer

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